How We Generate Massive, Targeted Traffic By Following "The New Rules" Of SEO... delivers HIGH-QUALITY backlinks, PROVEN results, extremely reasonable rates, and amazing customer service. Remember: More TRAFFIC equals more SALES -- and that's where we can help with giving you the most effective SEO services.

While some SEO companies attempt to "dazzle" you by promising to create a huge QUANTITY of spammed, low-grade backlinks... we're DIFFERENT. We focus on building SAFE, HIGH-QUALITY backlinks for SUPERIOR long-term results. Here's the full story...

Dear Small Business Owner,

SEO has changed.

Simply building thousands of "spammy" backlinks just won't cut it any longer.

Google is getting smarter. After their recent algorithm changes (Panda and Penguin), ranking is about how much PEOPLE like your website. That is... how they share it... how long they stay on it... and how often they mention it on popular social sites.

To rank high, your website MUST have "votes." Previously, "votes" meant backlinks -- ANY kind of backlinks. But, from now on, the important "votes" are "social" -- it's all about "human" backlinks. 

That means backlinks that matter are:

  • Backlinks that come from a huge variety of platforms and websites

  • Those that have their anchor text "humanized" (no more "main keyword" anchor text).

  • Backlinks coming from REAL people sharing your content online.

  • Backlinks from UNIQUE content (stop submitting spinned articles, they do NOT help).

  • Those that have backlinks pointing to them (tiered link building).

  • Backlinks coming from ACTIVE user accounts.

That's what Google wants. Period.

The days of spamming and scamming are effectively over. Done. Gone.

The "Big G" looks at how REAL people see your content... and whether they like it, share it, and recommend it. They want to know that your pages are WORTH ranking high. 

Our effective SEO services follow these "new rules" to generate PROVEN results. in short, our service will improve your rank and drive loads of traffic to your site. And that`s the name of the game.

We follow a carefully orchestrated link building plan. After a few months, your backlink "map" will look like this:

Linkbuilding scheme

These days it's all about QUALITY. And, in a few months, your site will have "only" a few dozen super-high-quality backlinks. BUT it will RANK HIGH because of all the social "link juice" coming to your (main and inner) pages.


If your site was slapped by Panda or is NOT moving up in rankings no matter what you do, AND for the past several month you've been building links with your keyword (or related keywords) as anchor text, you MUST de-saturate your backlink profile now, and we do this with our "Recovery" package, click here to read more.

Why Choose Us Over our Competitors?

Simple. When you choose us, you get:

  • Proven results

  • Extremely reasonable rates

  • Amazingly reliable customer service

But it does NOT end there...

You see, we focus on quality not quantity -- which is a SAFER, more EFFECTIVE SEO strategy. We don't try to trick you by promising HUGE numbers of backlinks.

Why is that the case?

Because those types of links are inherently low quality.

So BEWARE... the low-grade links built by many so-called SEO companies can put your ranking at risk. If Google thinks you're "spamming" links, they can DELIST your site ENTIRELY... as if you never even existed.

But it's just NOT worth the risk. So hire us. We'll do the job right and we'll do it safely.

With us, you'll save money, get superior long-term results, and sleep better at night knowing that we're building SAFE backlinks.

Most SEO services mindlessly focus on QUICKLY building a lot of backlinks -- but not us. We spread the work out so it's NATURAL and SAFE. We do it right... and smart.

We have YEARS of experience... and we're constantly working to further improve our methods and maximize your results.

Unlike most SEO companies you'll come across, we have an in-house staff that does the majority of our complex SEO work. Other companies routinely outsource as much work as they possibly can to the lowest bidder... and then they charge you a PREMIUM rate!

Our customers also tend to stay with us for months... or even years... because we deliver REAL RESULTS with our most effective SEO strategy. SEO does take time... but, with our help, you can expect to see great improvement in just a few short months.

But it STILL doesn't end there...

We also offer you expert advice on how to optimize your ON-PAGE SEO for MAXIMUM results.

So before you get lured in by the BIG talk and promises of other SEO service providers, try us. Let us PROVE to you why we're the BEST CHOICE for your SEO/backlinking needs.  

We Don't "Sell" Links...

We Build Them

It's very important to understand that we DON'T "sell" links -- we "build" them. Big difference.

Building links properly takes a lot of work -- over 100 man-hours per month. We're different because we provide a REAL, human-based service.

Many of our competitors use software to spam HUGE numbers of links. But Google doesn't like that practice. If you want your rank to increase, the safest way to do it is by following the "new rules" and keeping Google HAPPY... and that's exactly what we do.

If you want to take your chances with the link spammers... good luck. But, in truth, it's only a matter of time before Google catches up with you. It's a dangerous game that you WILL NOT WIN... and puts your business at risk.

Or you can simply hire us.

We create links on many different sites. We use a proven "white hat" SEO strategy that we've spent MONTHS testing and refining.

In a nutshell... we do the hard work, so you can attend to your core business.

Of course, in the end, the decision is yours (but we think it's a no-brainer). Hire us today and let us show you what we can do. You'll be glad you did. We promise.  

When You Hire Us,

Here's What We Do...

Frankly, we deliver a lot for a very small, affordable fee...

  • "Social Signals" backlinks.

  • Real people sharing your content on the Web.

  • All links are pinged for almost instant indexing.

  • Your articles are shared, links tweeted on Twitter, and shared on Google +.

  • High PR forum profile links are built AND Indexed (giving even more "link juice")

  • All of this done SLOWLY, over a period of 4 weeks... so new SEO activity builds DAILY.

  • We give you a detailed monthly report showing EXACTLY what we did.

We build your backlinks right. That means we start slowly... then keep adding new links and "social signals" on a monthly basis (which is a safe and effective method).

Furthermore, you can CANCEL AT ANY TIME. You're  not locked into a long-term commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Question: Do you offer refunds?

We don't offer refunds because, unlike SEO companies that use push-button spamming software, our link building process requires REAL work.

However, we'll do EVERYTHING in our power to ensure that you're completely happy and satisfied with our work with our effective SEO services.

Question: Is your customer service reliable?

We're extremely reliable -- and helpful. We answer our e-mail 7 days per week. We're almost always available to you. So you get great service and prompt e-mail replies. Got a question? Let us know!

Furthermore, we deliver all work properly and promptly.

Question: Can't I just do my own link building?

You could *TRY* to do it yourself, but it's time-consuming work and your results will likely be poor. We're experts. We use tested methods and apply what we know methodically and properly.

In addition, another problem is that trying to do it yourself takes you away from your core business and what you do best. The fact of the matter is that trying to do it yourself is "false economy." It may seem like you're saving money, but you'll lose in terms of TIME and RESULTS.

Try us today... and let us PROVE just how valuable our link building strategy can be to your business and its success!

Here's What Some Of Our

Customers Have Said...

"Your service is very reliable"

Hello Ivana and Alex

For the third month in the row I've been your member and have to say that the customer service is excellent and you over deliver.  I know that it takes time to see results with SEO, and I've seen great improvement with links you provide.

One of the things I appreciate most is that your service is very reliable.  You answer my emails quickly when I have a question or a problem.  You have suggested strategies to help my SEO. 

One thing that I like even more is that you have eliminated a lot of hassle of link building, from my busy life. Not only is your service much less expensive than what I used previously, the results are better!

I am happy to continue our relationship long term as you help me promote my 100+ websites.

Thanks for all the extras you do for me!

- James C. 


"You delivered as promised"

Thanks Ivana,

I took advantage of your special offer for WA members.  And you delivered as promised, showing a full report of where you placed links.  This saved me hours in creating good PR backlinks.

All my sites have improved in the rankings.  I plan on using your service next month as well,

Thanks again,

- Tom B.

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1 Website:

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1 main URL and
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Just $147
Per Month

* We reserve the right to reject any site for any reason. We will not accept porn, illegal, gambling sites. Some sites (for example adult sites) might get less links build because some social websites would not accept adult content submissions.

After you subscribe, we'll send you the details of our workflow showing exactly what we do each month to rank your pages.

With any of our packages, Bronze, Silver or Gold, we also include our famous "Press Release" package for Month 4, for your MAIN URL/keyword, getting your site on Google News, and bringing real, targeted traffic. All of that for the monthly price that you pay, and you do not need to pay additionally.

To get started, simply choose a package above, click the subscribe button... and put us to work. It's easy and affordable. Order Now!

For Higher Rankings,

Ivana Bosnjak & Alex Williams

LinkDominators - Bay Area SEO Company


P.S. We provide AMAZING, Hands ON & reliable service -- 7 days a week. Yes, we will even respond to your emails on weekends! We work practically around the clock to make you happy. So Order Now!

P.P.S. Our link building service is a monthly subscription because for MAXIMUM results, link building requires consistent, ongoing effort. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time -- there are NO "penalties" and NO long-term obligation. Subscribe Today!



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